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Dyann Paynovich



Lifelong artist

Jewelry and Textile specialist

Dyann's Roots

"I have been passionate about creating since I was a child. I was fortunate that my parents and teachers recognized this and encouraged my artistic pursuits. In grade school, I took several drawing and painting classes, as well as piano and sewing. By seventh grade, I was designing costumes for school plays and making jewelry. Over the years, I’ve continued to take art classes and workshops, and continue to do so, as part of my business plan. In 1994 I started my jewelry business, and added my textile line in 2003."

Why Santa Cruz

"I have lived and traveled throughout the United States, the Caribbean, and Mexico. In fourth grade I had my first Santa Cruz experience, and decided that this would be my home. Living here is such a gift. The beauty of the colors and textures in this environment are a constant source of inspiration and joy for me.  I want the person who wears one of my pieces to share that joy."

Materials and Techniques

"I create and design my jewelry using a variety of techniques and materials. Techniques include metalwork, lapidary, beadwork and collage.  I incorporate textile processes such as weaving wire and cord, and knitting to complement the metal and beads. I felt, quilt and dye silk fibers to create scarves and combine with metal and beads to make jewelry. I also work with Precious Metal Clay to sculpt components and pendants."

Torching PMC Image.JPG
20150208_114721 (1).jpg

Dyann's Process

"I fabricate my pendants and components using fine silver precious Metal Clay (PMC). PMC is fine silver, water, and an organic binder, in clay form. After sculpting a piece, it is fired in a kiln. During the firing process, the water and organic binder burn off, resulting in a fine silver jewelry component. 

I’ve combined fused dichroic glass with

PMC to create the pendants."

"The cuff bracelets are embroidered on a foundation fabric and silk fabric. The silk fabric is made from silk fiber (roving) that I felt and quilt. To create custom colors, I dye the silk. I cut, polish, and drill rough stone to create focal centerpieces for some of the bracelets.  They are finished with Ultrasuede and PMC components."

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